La colonna sonora di The School of Rock (2004)

The School of Rock è un film di Richard Linklater, con Jack Black, Mike White, Joan Cusack, Sarah Silverman…

school of rock copertina cd

1. School of rock – School of rock
2. Dialogo – Your head and your mind and your brain
3. The Who – Substitute
4. No vacancy – Fight
5. The doors – Touch me
6. Dialogo – I pledge allegiance to the band
7. Cream – Sunshine of your love
8. Led zeppelin – Immigrant song
9. The black keys – Set you free
10. Stevie nicks – Edge of seventeen
11. No vacancy – Heal me, I’m heartsick
12. The darkness – Growing on me
13. T.Rex – Ballrooms of mars
14. Dialogo – Those who can’t do
15. The ramones – My brain is hanging upside down (Bonzo goes to Bitburg)
16. Wylde Rattz – TV eye
17. School of rock – It’s a long way to the top

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