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Beady Eye – Different Gear, Still Speeding – CD Cover e tracklist

Different Gear, Still Speeding è l’album di debutto dei Beady Eye, in vendita dal 28 Febbraio 2011.

different gear still speeding copertina cd

La lista tracce di Different Gear, Still Speeding

1. Four Letter Word
2. Millionaire
3. The Roller
4. Beatles and Stones
5. Wind Up Dream
6. Bring the Light
7. For Anyone
8. Kill for a Dream
9. Standing on the Edge of the Noise
10. Wigwam
11. Three Ring Circus
12. The Beat Goes On
13. The Morning Son

(Prezzo di copertina 15,90 Euro)

iTunes bonus tracks
14. Man of Misery
15. Sons of the Stage (Gordon King, Tony Ogden)

Japanese CD bonus tracks

14. Sons of the Stage” (King, Ogden)
15. World Outside My Room

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