Photomaton – Canzone Spot Peugeot 208 con Robot

E’ Photomaton di Jabberwocky feat Elodie Wildstars la canzone scelta per fare da colonna sonora alla campagna pubblicitaria della Peugeot 208 con protagonista il robot Pinocchio 2.08.

Gli Jabberwocky sono una band elecropop francese formatasi nel 2013, i membri sono Camille, Manu e Simon. Photomaton , che vede la partecipazione di Elodie Wildstars, è il singolo che ha dato loro una certa notorietà in patria.


Il testo di Photomaton

[Verse 1: Elodie Wildstars]
I let you miles away, can’t feel your breath in my hairs
It seems to be years, and I’m alone and fake, and I’m alone and fake
If this world is too small to be two, a world without sense if I’m without you
It’s always the wrong way, there’s no return to life so you get your car and drive
Look at the game of your life, you never took all the dice
After all, curtains fall, there’s no return to life, so get the car and die

Waiting for hope babe, there’s no more light in my sky
See the pills in my hand, I’m running through your lies
You’ve got nothing to say, ’til I’m crossing the line
But you can’t kill my name, demon’s coming tonight (x2)

[Verse 2: Elodie Wildstars]
The dolls inside me cave in, blood and tears on my skin
My wounds bring up my fear, but I like this last, this last grip
I just wanna rid me of my pain, this happy violence is beating in my veins
It’s always the wrong way, there’s no return to life, I’m in the car and drive


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  1. Helena ha detto:

    Questo brano è troppo bello, me ne sono innamorato dal primo momento in cui ho visto la pubblicità della paugeot 🙂

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